Montag, 2. Mai 2016

Hi guys!

A few days ago, I posted the first picture you can see in this post. Me, looking somewhere else, seeming deep in thoughts. A portrait characterized by the play of light and dark shadows. You will probably feel as many of my friends, not thinking much about this picture next to hundred, million other similar ones on social media and image hosting platforms. You might even instinctively like it, since there is not that much space to disturb you. And so did some of my friends. I was getting compliments like "You are so pretty!" and "Beauty!", and honestly, I felt flattered - yet it was not what I intended.

It is true that I have been absent for a while. There have been many other offside projects I have given everything for, but how should you know? For media and other contacts that might will offer an actual opportunity to me in future, I had been technically dead. How did it come so far? With the switch to apple through my macbook there are not just positive sides, some old habits in editing are not possible anymore or I haven't found an alternative yet.
Anyway, those little things made me get tired of editing so that I actually quit it for a while. The picture you can see, is the first photo for months I had been getting hands on. Just like in a picture I intensified light & shadow with my graphic tablet. When I was posting this picture I was content with the result, seeing this picture as a reflection of my work & constant worries. Trouble with finally being an adult and other deeper thoughts - still, this is not our topic today. I wanted the people to actually think about my intention, but I completely overlooked another value I am supporting.

Fortunately, one of my dear friends reminded me. Additionally, I got a message - that friend of mine was worried that the stress we are exposed through the a-levels made me slip into the size-zero madness. At our school, we found a little group that is hosting projects to encourage students to be confident in their skin and body. In our eyes it is important to work against such dangerous beauty ideals. Thinking of that, it is almost ironic, that I posted such a picture, while I am complaining about these thin girls one can find on campaigns, social media and as it happens, sometimes even in your own school.


I love to cook as much as I love to eat. But at the same time, I like to see how I can achieve art with the magic of photoshop. I still like the edited picture more than the original. For me, it looks quite more elegant and filigree. However, I do know when it comes to real life, that such an condition can be dangerous. Nevertheless, does that give me the right to share this artificial image with the world? Is there any possible way that this picture may be a reason for young girls to chase a wrong goal?

Even though I am just enjoying photography as my hobby and my photos are not having such a big audience, I see it as an duty to think about the consequences of my acting.I know that light and shadow, either natural oder artistical, are one of my favorite stylistic devices - since it still makes you photo look real, it is perhaps even adding more depth to the photo - but is it worth it?

One compromise could be to post original & edited picture at the same time - just like I did it today. Still, I do not feel like this is the final solution.

There are so many questions lingering on my mind. Does a clear distinction between artistical photography and real life even exist? Does society see this way of editing maybe as 'bluff package' and not as art at all? How far is one allowed to go and where does it start?  How did we get to prefer those high cheekbones? And don't tell me the kardashian's contouring-hype is to blame.

Even though it is a decent topic, I am determined to get further into the matter of eating disorders and would love to use this special talent of mine to take steps against this disease. Yes, it is not easy. Yes, one has to take care for not crossing invisible borders. Yes, there are a lot people that do think, that I have no right in the world to interfere. Maybe they are right. I am obviously still at the surface of this matter. Anyway, in my eyes, we are at the point, where it is not enough to have an expert for a counsel, but to have an open ear oneself as well. What is your opinion to this topic?

Y O U R S,  E L I S A.