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Sonntag, 7. August 2016

Hi guys!

Almost a year ago (!) I wrote a post about my impressions I was able to collect from the people of Barcelona. I feel proud while looking at those photos because every single one of them has arisen spontaneously - maybe it was just a glimpse, but it was the right moment. When we had been to London I felt the same but on a very different, london-ish way. Another time I took portraits of people that either, simply sticked out through their radiating aura or that I thought needed to get more credit for the indispensable work they are providing everyday. 


There was this cute couple in the Green Park. They had been on their way to the Royal Tea Party and did not hesitate to explain these circumstances to us. You have to imagine; more and more people with fancy hats, spilling out of the subway, straight to the Buckingham Palace. All of them looking strangely important so that the two of us had quite the struggle to gain the confidence that was necessary to talk to one of them at all. Anyways, this couple had been so welcoming and polite, I could not help but be swarm about them. 

We found another beautiful scenario in the Royal Gardens. The shirtless man sitting there, feeding some pigeons. A cry for company or just an act of grace?
You decide.


The police officer had also been one of my favorites. It took me about five minutes before I asked him wether I was allowed to take a photo since he was talking to other tourists all the time. He was so humble and likable. It was him I was thinking of in first place, when I wrote down 'simply sticked out through their radiating aura'. Unfortunately I was not able to freeze his playful easiness. One disadvantage of photography: there is this huge machine that seems to scare away the true self of some people - one feels like one has to look good. Now or never. Complete bullshit. Easy for me to say, since I am having the exact same problem while being portrayed. 


The next two are an odd combination. Both a little bit grumpy, but taking their work seriously. The garbage collector had been from incredible importance for me. London's key spots are all neat and stunning, but without men like him, it would all be a complete mess. We were living in zone three, close to Stratford. There it was all a little bit different. It is nothing big or bad, still one is might even able to smell the hirachy. Rereading what I am wrote down, those words remind me of another critical novel like the Hunger Games, yet it is the truth. 


'Sitting under a bridge' gets a slightly different meaning, listening to the two girls next to the Golden Jubilee Bridge & the London Eye. They were having so much fun, it was intoxicating. I am still angry at myself I did not wrote down their name. Their music made me feel bittersweet Fernweh. Unique in every kind of way.


And last but not least, the waiters and pizza chefs at Franco Manca's. One could easily see how much they're loving their job. Joking around, juggling with the pizza dough and randomly creating honestly the best pizza I have ever eaten. If you are in London one day, you definitely have to go there! The price is more than appropriate and the whole menu is a dream.


Y O U R S ,   E L I S A.

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